Peter Georgiev — The Mysteries of Mithra or The Mysteries of Sabazios

The English version of the book „Мистерията Митра или Мистерията Сабазий“

Although focused on the Roman Mithraism, this book is actually an analysis of the symbolic language of the material monuments of the Roman period — the so-called Mithra reliefs, Sabazios’ hands, reliefs of Dionysus and of the Thracian Horseman. The reliefs and sculpture compositions shown use the same symbolic language.

The compositions are also thematically synonymous — generally, they are an expression of religious piety and homage to the ritual religion of the Sun in its three hypostases: Zagreus, Dionysus, Sabazios.

Peter Georgiev — The Mysteries of Mithra or The Mysteries of SabaziosThe book (PDF | 166 pages | 20.3 MB) — free download

The cover (front and back) — JPG | 2.3 MB

See also the original book in Bulgarian.

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